About Us
Hi my name is Rosalie I am the dreamer and creator of My
Country Cottage Signs here is a little bit about me.
I started my Business 27+ Years ago when I had our son Adam
and didn't want to leave him at Day Care. So "My Country
Cottage Signs" was created. I've been creating and designing
handmade wood products for the last 25 years and have always
worked with my hands including sewing since I was very young.
I used to watch my grandmother sew when I was young. She
was a seamstress, she made beautiful wedding gowns,
bridesmaids and formal gowns.

All of my wood items are handmade and attention is also
given to every detail both large and small. I take great
pride in the wood items I produce, you will see it in the
quailty of the product when you purchase it.

My son Adam is now grown up and is a part of my

I am 100% involved in all aspects of my business. Through
this hands-on method I am able to ensure complete customer
satisfaction. I handle all of the dreaming, creating, making,
packaging, shipping, accounting, inventory, etc... in order to
give my customers a superb product with excellent quality!

I work in a barn on our 5 acres in Wildomar,Ca. I have
been doing shows out in our area which include the Harvest
Festival,Country Folk Art, Sugar Plum and several other ones.
I have also wholesaled at the L.A. Beckman show several
years ago.
I hope you enjoy my signs as much I
enjoy creating them for you and yours.
Thanks to all my wonderful customers
without you I would not be living the life
I love!!

I can be reached by e-mail at:
info@mycountrycottagesigns.com or

My Country Cottage Signs
23611 Peggy Lane P.O. Box 159
Wildomar,Ca. 92595