#5589 Easter Blocks Set of Six Wood Shelf Sitters Pastel Colors Glitter


Easter Blocks Pastel Colors Set of Six Woods Polka Dots Glitter Custom Sign. The blocks are stained and painted white with the word Easter written on the blocks. The blocks have been glittered all over.

Each of the letters are painted a different color to read Easter E- Blue, A - Yellow, S - Lav, T - Pink, E - Lt. Blue, R- Lt.Green

The blocks measure E - 2.5"w x 6"h, A - 2.5"w x 5"h, S - 2.5"w x 3"h, T - 2.5"w x 4"h,E - 2.5"w x 6"h, R - 2.5"w x 3"h All the blocks are 1.5 inches thick.

Make this sign a custom sign, just email me with your request.